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But it's not to say...

It's not to say that something GOOD also happened to me yesterday.

I was invited to dinner at Shasti and Jethro's house.

I haven't seen them in ten years. We all went to SUNY Purchase together, and the last time I saw them was when they came into the Beat in Port Chester while I was bartending in 1995. It's a long story, but at school, I knew them separately and I didn't really know either one very well. But they were each the type of person who left an impression; they were each people I enjoyed seeing on campus. So when I discovered that Shasti is teaching workshops at a local photo gallery, I was so excited and emailed her right away. I couldn't believe they were living in Buffalo now! I had no idea.

The funny thing was that I wasn't entirely sure they'd remember me, but thought what the heck anyway. And happily, Shasti called me that night, and we eventually made dinner plans. Last evening I drove by their house like three times before I parked and went to the door, I was so nervous!

But I think Shasti is one of those people who was destined to be my friend, and I had a wonderful time catching up with them and meeting their two-year-old daughter, Ruby. It really amazed me at how alike she and I seem to be, and she's an enthusiastic friend, which I love.

A bonus to the situation is that Shasti is looking for someone to assist in her graphic design business. We talked about it on the phone, I (half) jokingly said that I would gladly do it, much excitement was had, I sent her my flickr link, and brought my portfolio to show her before dinner to see if she thought it might work out. I was so pleased when she reacted so positively to my work. I think we jumped around a little, hugged a lot, and decided that we'd give working together a try. So now, I don't have to go out looking for shitty part-time jobs, and get to learn the biz from a very talented and successful designer. I really admire all that she has done not only professionally, but personally, and think she will be a very good influence on me. :) I hope that I have half as much to offer her!


This whole having girl friends thing is so, so nice. I still need to write about my fantastic, crazy weekend in Toronto and all the cool people I met/got to know better. For now I will say that emilystar is the consummate hostess, and it was great to see hazlewood again for breakfast! And, I got to meet enigmatsm, inseam, mylaar, and so many others.

Yes. I will write about that soon, posthaste. :)

I love my friends!
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