amy-lou (agreenan) wrote,

It's just too good

Yes, life is good. So why I am still worrying about everything?

Anyhow. Thanks to everyone for their words of support and congratulations -- it means so much! I couldn't have done it without you, you know. Do you remember, many of you helped me with my statement of intent for my grad school application? :)

I am just so happy to know that I will have the chance to gain some teaching experience, and enough that will qualify me for professorial jobs once I get out of school! (Most postings I see require two years' experience.) And of course, the money doesn't hurt. I'm still just completely stunned that this happened to me.

Other nice things:

>> Casey actually bought me some coveted Bliss Vanilla & Bergamot Body Butter, something I would never have indulged in myself. He can blame his sister, though, who sent me a sample of the stuff in the first place!

>> A lovely letter from nevers, a surprise package from kismet09 and the fantastic little beehive painting I bought from boygirlparty

>> I've commissioned the talented miss emilystar for a custom Blythe. Viva la bartering system! I'll wait patiently, but I can't wait, of course!

>> I met with the awesome & amazing comfortslut yesterday after work to discuss our design venture (or rather, her design venture that I am going on a ride in). I'm starting with image research and brainstorming and stuff this week! Yay!

>> My uncle sold his house already. It was on the market for like a week! Despite its myriad issues, the young couple who bought it LOVE the place, see lots of potential in it, and have the ability to do the work that it so desperately needs. They even told my uncle he can just leave whatever he wants there, and doesn't have to do any repairs -- they're taking it totally as is. I'm just so happy that it will belong to someone who loves it. (This is the last place I lived for nine years, by the way, and where my mom and her siblings grew up.) My uncle is coming up from NC today, and on Saturday the family's getting together over there to sort through who wants whatever's leftover in the house. I hope to score another chair, a dresser or two, a bed, and who knows what else.


On another, less good note: I am really, really tired. I get enough sleep, and not too much, yet I am always fatigued. On top of that, most of the time my whole body hurts, even when I haven't done anything physically taxing. I really need to see the doctor, I guess -- I'm sick of feeling bad all the time. I hope it isn't anything serious. Has anyone experienced this before?
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