amy-lou (agreenan) wrote,

Weekend recap

It was a busy, tiring, but really great weekend. I felt some true joy and satisfaction, not a completely alien feeling for me, but not a frequent occurrence. I think since we moved and are getting settled, things are falling into place and I'm enjoying life a lot more. I hope Casey is, too... I think he is, though always insists he doesn't really care where he lives.

Friday evening kristiem1, her hubby Michael, and nearly nine-month-old daughter Imogene came to visit and we ordered take-out Thai food, which was great fun. Imogene is just adorable and sweet and I'm now hankering to look through my Debbie Bliss knitting books for little sweaters to make for her. I seem to like infants quite a bit more than usual lately, but have no fear -- I still don't want one of my own. As usual, Kristie wore a super-cute ensemble. I need to take her shopping with me next time I decide to replenish my wardrobe, most definitely.

They had to leave fairly early to put Immy to bed, but it was great to hang out anyway. I hope we can do it more often!


Saturday, Casey and I went out to the old house to prep for the big move on Sunday. We stayed out for a couple hours and had a take-out lunch from China King in Alden, whose food we miss quite a bit -- surprisingly, we haven't found a place we like nearly as much in the city, though I am sure there is one somewhere. I'm so glad we did that, though; I really didn't realize how much more stuff there was left to pack, and we filled two more garbage bags of junk. When I went up to the attic to get the few things I have there, I discovered that it's infested with mean flying insects of some kind. Wasps, probably. Ick.


Sunday, Sunday! I was absoultely dreading it, especially so worried about the parking situation on Jersey St. since Sundays the Pentecostals usually claim the entire block as well as block our driveway during their services. But, with the help of my stepdad, mom, and friend Susannah, the loading up went quickly, and when we arrived back to Jersey, there was plenty of parking and my stepdad was able to pull his truck into the driveway, no problem. THEN, our across the street neighbor, Eddie, offered to help us unload. So emptying two cars and two trucks took less than an hour. It was amazing, and afterward, we all ate pizza and wings and all was well with the world. I know owe major moving karma, which will probably be worked off when my friend Kevin moves back to town from North Carolina in June.

I also picked up the rugs I got from Craig's List, but since our whole house is packed to the gills with boxes and miscellany, we haven't unrolled them yet... but they appear to be of a very good quality and came with pads and everything. I can't wait to get everything unpacked and arranged and finally be settled for real. We just have to go back to the old place once more to clean up and pick up a few remaining things like the drum set, which we will do this coming weekend.

What a whirlwind! The weekend after that, I'll be heading to Toronto to see friends and go to some sort of crazy Blythe doll thing; the weekend after that, my dad and stepmom will visit. Though I am looking forward to all the activity, I am also looking forward to truly relaxing in our new place. In June I will have a combo housewarming/birthday party. Do you want to come?
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