amy-lou (agreenan) wrote,

Really tired

Wow, it just hit me: I'm really, really tired. Also a tad cranky, mainly because my boss went to (probably a long) lunch and I am stuck here until 1:30 when a responsible student assistant comes in to man the office. And I am hungry. Times like this I loathe being an assistant to someone, because your needs are almost always second to theirs, no matter what.

I suppose I am just being a big baby, though. It's PMS week, which never helps matters.

But I think overall I have been handling stress better lately, not getting upset over stupid things like spilling hundreds of photographs out of a box in the backseat of my car, or breaking a full wine bottle in the laundry room of the old place and having it spill everywhere, or going to pick up the rugs by myself last night, etc. As a result there have been many fewer fights in the Amy/Casey household because I have so many fewer weird outbursts of frustration. Or something.

But yes, I am so, so tired and I am hungry. When I get home, though, I am thoroughly dedicated to attacking the huge pile of stuff in the dining room. I'd like to place the bookcase and file cabinet and put stuff in them! I'd like to put the rugs down! That would be half the battle.

Hm. Where to go for lunch, when I can go...
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