amy-lou (agreenan) wrote,

Jersey St. betrayal

I am so mad at my neighborhood right now. So disappointed in it.

Jersey St. between Fargo and Prospect, how could you do this to me? After all the times I have confidently defended your honor, your reputation? Why would you shit on me like this? How am I supposed to feel about you now?

This morning when I opened the door to get into my car, things seemed odd. My orange mittens and N'ice lozenges were on the driver's side floor. Both hatches to the glove box were wide open and appeared emptier than when I last looked inside them. The lock on the passenger side was up, unlocked. My mind didn't comprehend what my eyes were seeing. Something like this never happened to me before, ever. I put too much trust in humankind. I am still naive.

My car was broken into. Fortunately, I keep nothing of value inside it since we moved to the city, and fortunately, they didn't break the windows. They also didn't figure out that they could have opened the trunk from the inside of the car, though all they would have found was a spare tire and a few grocery bags' worth of empty bottles. But the feeling that came over me when I discovered my personal property violated was so unexpected. I was numb for a moment, and then I started shaking. I went in the house to get Casey to come see, and I started to cry, nearly hyperventilated. As we inspected the scene, we saw that scraps of paper and a photograph and ticket stubs and pens from the glove compartment were on the street. The cloth I use to clean the inside of my car was gone, but they left the mittens and they left the blue wool blanket that I had on the passenger side seat and they left the dilapadated road atlas that was on the back seat.

I can't remember if I left the door unlocked or if they just knew that my car is easy to jimmy open -- I know it is after having seen the AAA guy unlock a door in literally seconds with the right tool. I can't imagine I'd have left the door unlocked. It was also the first time in several days that I didn't park in the back of the house, figures.

So, I didn't lose anything, my car wasn't damaged, and no one was hurt. But it feels crappy anyway, being betrayed by my neighborhood.
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